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Substitute investor’s offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive substitute investor service. We will take care of the construction process, verify the valuations and control the works to ensure that everything goes according to the agreed schedule.

log building

We will register the Construction Log in the appropriate offices and notify the commencement of construction.

Organization of meetings

We will prepare and conduct Investor meetings.

Verification of valuations

We will check whether the valuations provided by contractors have been prepared fairly and in accordance with market prices. Moreover, we will negotiate the prices proposed by the General Contractor.

Reviewing contracts

We will verify draft contracts in terms of the correctness of technical provisions.

Schedule control

We will evaluate the work schedule proposed by the contractors and present our opinion on the feasibility of their implementation.

Organization and conducting of the tender

We will comprehensively take care of the tender – from the organization and preparation of specifications, through sending inquiries, to assistance in choosing a contractor.

Supervision of documentation

Controlling documentation and contracts prepared by the contractor.

Help in negotiations

Taking care of all the details when negotiating with the contractor (including guarantees, insurance, contractual penalties, etc.)