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Preparation of the investment

First of all, we will take care of the merits of the project, prepare the necessary documents and inquiries, and advise on the signing of contracts.

Design review

We will check the correctness of the project in terms of content.

Preparation of a financial and material schedule

We will develop a precise financial and material schedule of the investment.


We will prepare inquiries to help find the best contractors for the investment.

Tender documents

We will prepare the necessary documentation based on the materials received from the designer, and we will also take an active part in the tender for the contractor.

Advice in the preparation of contracts

We will make sure that all provisions in contracts with contractors are in line with your interests.

Construction log registration

We will notify the relevant offices about the commencement of construction works.

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Investment implementation management

At this stage, our tasks include comprehensive supervision over the investment, ongoing reporting on the progress of works, and quality control of materials and works.

Investor Supervision Inspectors Team

Meeting of the Investor Supervision Inspectors team consisting of specialists from various industries.

Opinion on documentation

We will carefully review the documentation prepared by the contractor and provide our opinion.

Representing the Investor

Checking the progress of construction works on behalf of the Investor and assessing their compliance with the design.

Schedule and budget control

We will consistently check whether the construction is carried out according to the agreed schedule and is within the assumed budget.

Ongoing reporting

We are constantly in touch with the Ordering Party, informing about the progress of construction works.

Organizing meetings

We will take care of the smooth flow of information between contractors, designer and investor.

Quality control

We will carefully check whether the materials used on the construction site have the required certificates and approvals and whether the works are performed in accordance with the art.

Construction Log Control

We will regularly review the correctness of keeping the Construction Log.

Quality control of work

We will make sure that the quality of the construction works is at the highest level, and in the event of any shortcomings, we will request corrections.

Acceptance of construction works

We will pick up the construction works in accordance with the protocol that will be delivered to the Investor.

Receipt of the investment

We will take care of all formalities related to the receipt of the investment.

Application of the investment for use

We will take care to inform the relevant institutions about the readiness to hand over the building for use.

Repair of faults

We will carefully check whether all defects have been corrected and included in the documentation.

Use permit

We will take part in the process of obtaining an occupancy permit.

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Investment settlement

We will carry out the process of receiving the investment, which will end with the presentation of the financial and material settlement.

Receipt of the investment

We will pick up the investment from the contractor and provide you with all the as-built documentation.

Financial and material settlement

We will prepare a comprehensive investment settlement with an overview.